The Festdidgean


How do I become a Citizen?

To become a citizen of Festdidgea, you must pass a citizenship test that proves you have a simple knowledge of the country. After passing this test, you will be granted citizenship, and be issued a digital certification of citizenship issued by the government.
  What does being a Citizen mean?

Being a citizen comes with many advantages. You will be able to register to vote in any elections, and even be eligible to run for a government position if you so wish. You will also have access to a private discord server which serves as a sort of 'hub' for our nation.

Other than being added to our records, everything is optional, so if you want to join just to be able to say you are a citizen, that is completely fine. Festdidgea is more about having fun, so being a citizen should reflect that
How do I begin the process?

We recommend studying the country's history and reading the constitution. We have made some convenient documents that contain all the information needed to pass the test, which can be found in the resources section of this site.

Once you feel ready to take the test, you can do so by clicking the link in the resources section.
Once you have submitted your test, it will be manually marked, and you will be informed of your result via email ASAP.